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Obtaining a Work Permit

A work permit can be obtained without difficulty by creating a company in the Free Zone. Entrust us with your project and we will study together the best way to proceed.

To get a work permit, you must have an employer (Seychellois or other) or have your own business (GOP).

This permit is valid for one year, renewable, and depending on the function SR 1.500 months.

The company already established, will request the immigration work permits for the foreigner and it shall give a minimum contribution of 1.500 SR.

If the foreign company wants to establish itself, it must first submit an application to the SIB (Seychelles Investment Bureau) to obtain all necessary permits for future work.

Several activities are reserved for Seychellois (taxi, diving, car rental, travel agency, tour operator …). This list is not comprehensive.

Obtaining a Residence Permit

Living in Seychelles without work, requires a resident permit. This is valid for 5 consecutive years and renewable. An application must be submitted to the immigration and the condition is valid up to 5 years SR 150,000 per person. Spouses officially benefit from a rate of 50%, and children are free up to 18 years old.

The resident permit is granted free to all operators and their potential expatriate staff (50%), and their respective families.

In certain cases, if the permit application is submitted by owners in condominiums at Eden Island, the price of SR 150,000 for the whole family is given if the application is made within 6 months of acquisition.

For more details, visit the Immigration office website or contact them directly:

Immigration office
Independence house 1st floor

Website: https://www.ics.gov.sc/

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