Seychelles Islands

In the Indian Ocean are a hundred islands scattered over an area of 1.3 million km ²: the Seychelles Islands.

The Seychelles Islands are composed of granite and coralline islands. These islands each with their evocative name Mahe, Praslin, La Digue, Cousin, Desroches, Denis, Silhouette, Sainte Anne, Cerf, Moyenne, Longue … They are located above the equator and a few thousand nautical miles from Mauritius and Reunion.

The Seychelles Islands enjoys an exceptional tropical climate, but are outside a cyclonic zone. They are all different in their flora and fauna.

The Government of Seychelles has always favored ecology.

As a result, several islands have remained pristine and have become true sanctuaries for flora and fauna. The best known being Aldabra.

Some islands are part of the ” Royal Society For Nation Conservation ” under the World Heritage.

The inhabited islands are a rare beauty, dazzling white beaches are still pristine and it is not uncommon to see dolphins along the coastal roads, or fail to see a turtle coming to lay its eggs… Islands Mahe, Praslin, la Digue are unavoidable and are still in the tourist guides.

Other more distant islands harbor a single hotel we can mention among others:

BIRD ISLAND. Coral atoll located 30 minutes flight from Mahé. Thousands of birds (white terns, sooty terns) live in harmony with humans. Turtles come every year to lay. It is on this island that Esmeralda, the oldest tortoise in the world calls home.

FREGATE. Granitic Island located 20 minutes flight from Mahé. This island is home to several endemic species such as the Seychelles Bird bezel, the Tenebrionid Beetle but also offer a 5 * luxury accommodation. The lush vegetation added to the huge tortoises make Fregate, a true paradise.

No formalities, no vaccinations are required to enter Seychelles.

For your information, the Seychellois offering accommodation are registered and must comply with strict regulations with several unannounced authorities.

For this reason, homestay rentals are reliable and correct.

You can stay three months with a tourist visa. Then you should request an extension of three months renewable.

Like many countries, you do not have the right to gainful employment on the ground with a tourist visa Seychelles.

A few words of History

  • Although discovered by the Portuguese in 1609, it was not until the arrival of Captain Lazarus Picault, commanded by the General Mahe de La Bourdonnais in 1742 that the Seychelles Islands became a great country.
  • The French became the first inhabitants of this originally uninhabited archipelago.
  • It was governed by different administrators, including Pierre Poivre until 1811.
  • It was during this date of 1811, when the French conceded Seychelles to the British.
  • The British granted Seychelles its Independence in 1976 when it became the Republic of Seychelles.
  • It was governed by President Mancham until June 5, 1977, the date of the coup d’état that put Mr Albert RENE to power in a one party state until 1993.
  • That year, a new constitution was approved by the Seychellois people and multi-parties were once again legalized.
  • On April 14 2004, President Albert Rene, after 27 years in power left his chair to his Vice President Mr James Michel. Mr. Michel was again elected in 2006 and reelected in 2011.
  • Le 25 octobre 2020, Wavel Ramkalawan, prêtre anglican de 59 ans, devient le 5eme président . Wavel Ramkalawan, se présentait pour la sixième fois à la présidentielle. En 2015, il avait été battu de 193 voix seulement par le président sortant, James Michel. Ce dernier avait démissionné en 2016 et laissé sa place à Danny Faure, son vice-président, qui a terminé son mandat. 

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