Constitution of SIB files

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Constitution of SIB files

Preparation of files, Presentation to administrations; Support for investors;

This administration is required to verify all aspects of the project (health, environmental impact, impact on the life of the population, jobs, influence of the Seychelles, etc.) to measure its feasibility and to ensure the source of the investments, and the identity of investors.

This phase is crucial to start your business, however building a file for the SIB (Seychelles Investment Board) can be very long and complicated, especially when investors are far from Seychelles and not very available.

Our firm can advise and represent them.

Obtaining a license for your business

Seychelles Investment Board
P.0. Box 1167
2nd Floor, Caravelle House
Manglier Street
Seychelles Licensing Authority (SLA)
P.O.Box 3
Ground Floor, Orion Mall Building
Kingsgate House

Steps in the Seychelles Investment Process

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